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Solar Mobile Charger 
A great pocket size solar charger for All Mobile Phones 
It has its own Battery from which you can charge your mobile day and night 
Once fully charged it can give power for 90 mins. 
1 Year warranty

Solar Lantern
 Charged by 5 ways! 
 By Attached Solar panel 
By Hand-crank 
By12-volt cigarette lighter adapter 
By Optional AC charger 
Or powered by 3 AA-Batteries
USB output to charge mobile phones
1 Year Warranty

120W 12V Solar Battery Charger
Ideal for existing UPS Systems
 MonoCrystalline Foldable Panel 
Built in MPPT Charge Controller 
5m Cable with crocodile clips for easy and quick connection 
5 Years Free Replacement Warranty (for panel) 
1 Year Free Repair Warranty (for controller) 
 Your Ups batteries will stay charged despite of load shedding. 
Your battery life will increase

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